Tell your own story

At CHRISTINA we have 2 sizes of charms.

Classic leather bracelet of 6 mm and slim leather & silver bracelet of 4 mm. One series is not compatible with the other, so be aware of this when finding your charms. It says on each individual product which series it belongs to.

Go on a discovery and be inspired in our universe of charms. All charms have a meaning. Find your own story and build your personal piece of jewelry.

Did you know that?

CHRISTINA's charms for silver bracelets also fit slim leather. So here you can freely mix and match as you wish. Both types of charms are 4 mm in diameter.

Remember to purchase a so-called "Stopper" for your silver bracelet. This way, your charms stay in place when you take your bracelet off and on.

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Expand your universe

You can also combine your charms with our exciting collection watch universe.
Here you can acquire a leather set for your watch, and create a jewelery watch with just the charms and the story that means the most to you.

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Create your own dream

Looking to add a little more personal style to your look? Then bracelets with charms are an obvious choice. A charm is a small pendant to a bracelet, necklace or other piece of jewelry that has a unique meaning and tells something personal about the wearer. Often charms have a deeper meaning. They can, for example, symbolize a special event, a personal characteristic, a special interest, a memory or an experience. However, some charms are also just decorative, and there is nothing wrong with choosing a charm simply because you think it is nice.

At CHRISTINA, we have chosen to focus on bracelets with charms. Our charm bracelets allow you to express your personal style in a creative way and are the perfect way to add a personal touch to any outfit.

CHRISTINA'S bracelets with charms are available in a wide variety of styles. Each individual charm has its own unique meaning. Nothing is left to chance here. You will therefore definitely find one or more charms that suit you and your style perfectly, so that you can build your own personal piece of jewellery.

Here's how you do it

At CHRISTINA, we have developed a unique concept so that you can easily and quickly design your own personal bracelet with charms.

Choose your bracelet

The first thing you have to do is choose your charm bracelet . At CHRISTINA you can choose between 4 types of bracelets for charms. You can either choose a classic leather bracelet of 6 millimeters, a classic 3-string leather bracelet of 6 millimeters, a slim leather bracelet of 4 millimeters or a silver bracelet of 4 millimeters. Our charms for silver bracelets can also be used for our slim leather bracelets, so you can mix and match as you wish.

Find your favorite charms

The next thing you need to do is choose your favorite charms. We have a huge selection of different charms, so you will definitely find one or more charms that suit your taste. You can add as many charms to your bracelet as you want - only your imagination sets the limits.

We have both simple, classic and timeless charms as well as more colorful and challenging charms.

We have charms that symbolize love, friendship and romance. Charms that symbolize hopes, dreams and ambitions. Charms that symbolize a person's initials. Charms that symbolize interests or passion within a particular activity or hobby. And much much more.

In reality, charms can have any imaginable meaning to the person who attaches them.

Build your personal piece of jewelry

In the last and third step, you build your own personal piece of jewelry based on the bracelet and charms you have chosen.

Bracelets with charms in the best materials with attention to detail

In CHRISTINA'S collection of bracelets with charms, you will only find bracelets and charms made of high-quality materials, where attention is paid to the details. We offer a wide range of styles and designs so you can create a bracelet that is completely unique to you. Our charms include everything from symbols and letters to animals, sports music and much, much more.